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Spokane Criminal Defense Attorney

How Choosing The Right Criminal Lawyer Will Be The Difference Between Your Success Or Failure!

Finding the right Spokane Criminal Defense Attorney can be very difficult and confusing.  You will find many vital answers here to help you find the right Spokane Lawyer.  Your next decisions to hire a Criminal Attorney in Spokane will set you on the path to success or failure.  Not all Defense Attorneys are the same.  Finding the right Lawyer is much like finding the right doctor.  You need to find the one that has the skills and training to fix your problem, and that has reasonable rates and fees. Ask About Our Payment Plans, Fixed Fees, and 10% Discount. 509-362-9540


Read Every Word –What I Am About To Share With You May Save You In The End!

Spokane criminal defense attorney

I know that you have several questions.  Read on, because most of the answers are here.  If you read all the way through this information, you will make better decisions, know what questions to ask, and likely save yourself a lot of grief.


I Need A Spokane Criminal Defense Attorney…Where Do I Start?

Here are some common questions when hiring a Defense Attorney:

  • What Should You Expect From A Spokane Criminal Defense Attorney?
  • How Can You Compare Defense Lawyers?
  • What Should You Ask?
  • What Are Your Options?
  • How Much Is It Going To Cost?

Criminal Lawyer SpokaneMake Sure That You Look At Our Offers At The End Of This Page!  We Offer Options and Discounts That Other Lawyers Don’t.

Before I forget, I want you to know that we are a local law firm—Action Legal Group.  We have some unique skills and experience.  Our Spokane Defense Lawyers are highly rated and recognized by various independent agencies.  Action Legal Group lawyers have helped hundreds of people just like you.  We are dedicated to criminal defense work.  We have offices in Spokane, Bellevue, and Federal Way—basically we handle all types of criminal defense cases all across Washington State.  I hope we get a chance to help you!

 The 4 Basic Things Your Spokane Criminal Lawyer Can Do For You:

  1. Get Your Case Dismissed.
  2. Negotiate A Lesser Charge For You.
  3. Go To Jury Trial.
  4. Protect Your FutureYes There Are Things You Haven’t Even Considered Yet.

A Criminal Defense Attorney’s Job Really Breaks Down To This:

  • Analyze your individual situation—cases are similar, but never exactly the same.
  • Understand your specific needs and goals.
  • Find viable options for you.
  • Educate you so you understand each option and so you can pick the right one for you.
  • Execute your chosen options.

Am I making this simple?  Yes!  A lot more goes on behind the scenes, but these are the things that you should generally know.  You need to focus on your life, and let your Defense Lawyer focus on the details.

I Need A Spokane Criminal Lawyer, But How Do I Find The Right One?

Choosing a defense lawyer on price alone is generally a grave mistake.  Just because they are the most expensive doesn’t make them the best.  On the other hand, hiring the cheapest is usually not a good idea, unless you have no other choice. What corners will be cut to make a profit? Value is what matters, but trust and good communication are just as important. Do you get the feeling that once you pay you won’t hear anything?

Here are a few things to look out for:

  1. Were the first words out of the attorneys mouth about fees and money? If yes, then you know where their mind really is.
  2. Did they ask questions and seem to really listen?
  3. Do they have any special training or education? You learn about the law in law school, not how to be a lawyer. So what experience and training do they have?
  4. Are they scare tactic attorneys? That means are they busy scaring the crap out you with how much jail time you are facing. Unless you have a special circumstances, you shouldn’t be facing any maximums and likely will be in the middle to the low end of that scale.
  5. If any Criminal Lawyer gives you an absolute promise about the outcome of your case, you should probably not hire them. It’s rare that we can give such a promise. I don’t care how cut and dry the situation is. Judges, juries, and government counsel can do unpredictable things. No matter if it is right, wrong, or stupid. It happens–trust me!

The bottom line is you should get a good feeling about the lawyer you are meeting with. You should be treated with respect. You should be given a good estimate of where you are and where you can go with your criminal case. It’s all about trust.

Here are a few positive things to look for in your attorney:

  • They have industry recognition and awards.
  • A good foundation of experience (complex trial experience is a plus).
  • Training beyond law school and simple continuing education courses.
  • They act like decent human beings and treat you the same. My personal favorite!

You should be asking questions about the items above.  Don’t be shy—it’s your life! Anybody that you would want to hire will not be afraid to answer these questions.

Spokane criminal defense attorney

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 ”Many of our clients tell us that they feel relieved once they know their options and we give them a rough plan of action to get their lives back.”

It’s time for you to start getting your life back on track.  It’s time to feel better and move forward.

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Don’t kid yourself!  Waiting is only going to make it worse. Your case is literally getting worse by the minute.  The government’s is getting stronger.  Think of your case like an ice cube sitting on the counter.  If you leave it there too long, it will disappear. We have after hour appointments for those that need to meet in off hours.  We will work with you.

Call Now For Your Free Hour Right Now! 509-362-9540

Our Spokane Criminal Defense Attorney will give you a Free Consultation. You will learn what your options are. You will get a firm price quote for your case. You will leave with peace-of-mind!


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